BASE Management Company is an investment management firm specializing in actively managed equity portfolios. BASE attempts to create real long run investment return by incurring risk economically in pursuit of that return. BASE diversifies by concept as well as by name without regard for any specific benchmark.

BASE provides investment supervisory services for US entities including individuals as well as charitable organizations and corporations. Investment supervisory service means that investment advice and investment management is provided on a continuous basis and is provided taking into account a client's individual circumstances and needs, among other things. BASE provides these services in exchange for fees based on the asset values involved.

BASE deals with its clients in a direct and personal manner at a total cost that is comparable to that of no-load mutual funds.

BASE claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). The firm consists of all client assets of BASE that are both discretionary and fee paying, plus assets under BASE's purview that are proprietary, related and(or) non-discretionary. A list and descriptions of BASE's composites appear on page 2 of this document, and a presentation that adheres to the GIPS standards may be obtained by calling 410-583-4828 to receive a password for the PDF.



SEC Disclosures, 2020 ADV part 2
SEC Customer Relationship Summary (CRS), 2020 ADV part 3

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